Sleep in STYLE.

Sleep in COMFORT.

Share HAPPINESS with your beloved ones.


Those are the things at the back of our mind when we make sleepwear. Ayachan was founded on the principle that it would be great if fashion meets comfort, not forgetting whom we share our love with! Those ideas inspired us to make fashion sleepwear; stylish pajamas set with good quality of soft Japan Cotton and affordable price for all family members. We love the concept of wearing matching pajamas with our loved ones. It’s not just about wearing matching pajamas but it’s about FAMILY.

We are a fashion brand and a manufacturer. Our products are designed and produced here in Asia. Having our own factory indeed gives us advantages and flexibility to continuously make new designs and product styles to serve our customers better.


The founders of Ayachan are two sisters who have strong passion in design and fashion. Our products were firstly launched in Indonesia in 2015. We use the concepts of “mix-and-match” and “choose-your-fabric” to make exclusive sleepwear for our customers. We accept retail, wholesale, and OEM order. We are now expanding rapidly and making our products readily available. We deliver to almost all countries.

For any inquiry, don’t hesitant to drop us an email at [email protected] We would love to help you!

With love,